Maya relief of royal blood-letting used in a lecture in World History I. Yaxchilan Lintel 24, 723-726 CE, limestone, 109x78x6, British Museum. Credit: Wikipedia.

Survey of World History Since 1500
An introductory survey for the General Education Bridge Program at Georgian Court University

Colonial Latin America
An introductory survey at Northern Arizona University

Music and Race in Latin America
An upper-level seminar in reading, listening, and digital humanities methods at Northern Arizona University

Readings in Ibero-American History, 1500-1850
A collaborative syllabus created with input from graduate students at Northern Arizona University focusing on major themes in colonial Latin American and Ibero-Atlantic history to 1850

Gender in Latin American History
A Dean’s Teaching Fellowship Course at Johns Hopkins University

[An example of the chutney genre. I use related texts in “Music and Race in Latin America” in a unit on East Indian musics in the Caribbean and their relationships with soca. Sundar Popo, “Scorpion Gyul,” in Scorpion Gyul / Phuluwrie Bina Chatnee, Windsor Records, 1976.]